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Welcome to Beacon! We are an SFW/NSFW server created for everyone to relax! We have plenty of SFW and NSFW channels (must be verified for nsfw). Several custom-built server bots for your enjoyment!


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Welcome to UnderChat! Want to join a family of closely-knit, amazing people and discover endless ways to express your love for the fandom? Join our server, and we'll welcome you with open arms~!

☽ U S K

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An NSFW server full of great people, an awesome staff, and plenty to occupy your time!

Riku's Fortress 要 陸 塞

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[Riku's Fortress] is a server made for people of all personalities and characteristics. Riku's Fortress was borne out of its previous identities, [Riku’s Garden and PINKY], which were established on [January 16th, 2018].

The World of Ti'Gath

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A general roleplay server, with a great community behind it!


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We are a Mental Health and Addiction Peer Support Network!

Kitteness 18+

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18+ only NSFW server with tons of stuff to do, a great staff, and active almost all the time!

Gl1tch Gaming & Community

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The official streaming, community, and hangout discord server for Gl1tch Gaming!

New Hentai Order

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Welcome to NHO, a server dedicated to the sharing and viewing of NSFW hentai! All are welcome, as long as you are 18 or older!

Nature’s Gifts

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Nature’s Gift is a server dedicated to providing those with Tulpas, DID, and OSDD a safe space to learn, grow, and interact!

AlertBot Services

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The official support server for AlertBot Services.

Project Dreamland

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A chill and cute LGBT-Supporting Discord! Recently re-opened

The Ice House

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Come chill with us in The Ice House, a fun community server!

Screamin' Fast Broadband

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Edgy memes, a power-abusive admin team, and a shitload of fun! Not for those that get easily offended, but otherwise come have a good time in Screamin Fast Broadband!

Aussie Wolf

Bumps: 2

An all-ages server for Aussie Wolf, a youtube gamer-streamer! Plenty to do other than watch the stream of course, so come in and join us today!

─ mizu ♡

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An aesthetically pleasing, cute, welcoming discord server for you to chill and hangout. Recently opened.

test area

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The BoNe Crusher's

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Only Us Will Survive

Blossom Empire

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An 18+ NSFW filled with stuff to do, a great staff, and awesome members.

ServerHound Support

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Official support server for the Goodest Boy, ServerHound!

meme house

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where all the memes come to stay.

Gamer Lugits

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Servidor español De Buen Administración, No encontraras nada mejor que esto

BDSM [18+]

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BDSM (18+) Welcome to our server!!! 🕯️ We are a small BDSM and kink community that seeks to bring the greater joy in creating a server for all your kinky needs. 🔞 We are strictly 18+ and offer a variety of NSFW and SFW channels. 🔞 🕯️ We also have a verification system in place for NSFW (meaning all underage folks will be kicked out or banned from the server) 🕯️ We also have very friendly and helpful staff on hand.

Cult of Qazar

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A chill server with bunch of bots. We do our best to ensure that everyone is safe here and that you all will have a great time here!


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This is the Glitchtale, a community official server of Glitchtale Wiki site and r/GlitchTale. If you're a fan of Glitchtale, it's a great place to hang out!