Bumps: 103

Welcome to UnderChat! Want to join a family of closely-knit, amazing people and discover endless ways to express your love for the fandom? Join our server, and we'll welcome you with open arms~!


Bumps: 76

Welcome to Beacon! We are an SFW/NSFW server created for everyone to relax! We have plenty of SFW and NSFW channels (must be verified for nsfw). Several custom-built server bots for your enjoyment!

Nekos Paradise

Bumps: 35

An 18+ neko-themed NSFW server, with TONS to do and see! Come join us today!

The World of Ti'Gath

Bumps: 29

A general roleplay server, with a great community behind it!

Nature’s Gifts

Bumps: 16

Nature’s Gift is a server dedicated to providing those with Tulpas, DID, and OSDD a safe space to learn, grow, and interact!

☽ U S K

Bumps: 13

An NSFW server full of great people, an awesome staff, and plenty to occupy your time!

Paradise League

Bumps: 10

Small chill ACTIVE community!Frequent GIVEAWAYS!Activities for all Pokemon Lovers!Bot Fun and Emote cuteness!Active League with Battling Prizes!

Vel Community -Tabletop and RP

Bumps: 7

A well-rounded, friendly, open to join, tabletop gaming server! Experienced staff and GMs!


Bumps: 5

We are a Mental Health and Addiction Peer Support Network!

The Ice House

Bumps: 1

Come chill with us in The Ice House, a fun community server!

Gl1tch Streaming

Bumps: 1

The official streaming and community server of gl1tch_gaming!

Gl1tch Games

Bumps: 1

The official game development and support server of Gl1tch Games!

Unified Bot Support Server

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The official support server for ServerHound, AlertBot, and all other public bots managed by Gl1tch!