Tons Of Powerful Features!

Server Moderation

Many powerful moderation features are included, such as:

  • Auto-Role - Automatically assign a role to new members as they enter.
  • Codeword Protection - Want to make sure you don't have spam-bots coming in? Enable codeword protection in your server!
  • Warning System - Issue, remove, and check the warnings for a member!

Custom Leveling System

A modern take on a leveling system, for modern Discord servers!

  • Unlimited Levels! There is no current level cap!
  • Assign roles to member levels! Members will be granted whatever role you want, when they hit each level you specify!
  • Smart Leveling - Any previous level roles will be removed each time a member progresses to the next role/level

Server Awards System

Want to set up awards for server members? You can do that!

  • Add new awards! You can specify the name, description, and a custom image for each server award!
  • Server staff are able to give and take awards from members, and list each award a member has.
  • Individual awards can be edited, or removed entirely from your servers configuration!

Extreme Logs Options

One of the most extensive logging systems you will ever see!

  • Turn on and off different log types individually
  • Ability to assign different channels for every log type supported!
  • Bulk control! You can turn all logs on and off, and assign them all to the same channel, in bulk!

Tons of Entertainment Commands

  • Need pics of cute kittens and puppies? We have that!
  • Want to get a random topic to chat about? That's here too!
  • Need to lookup something on UrbanDictionary? We've got you covered.
  • And so much more!!!